Extremadura has been the chosen destination to celebrate the tenth conference of the European Ornithologist Union a biannual meeting and it is celebrated for the first time in Spain.
It is a meeting we do every two years, which includes over 1,000 ornithologists scientists from all Europe, in which we will talk and to share all the most innovative results we have about the study of birds and everything related to them , lifestyles, migration, diseases
More than 450 scientists for 5 days may exchange and share knowledge about birds.
You may know in situ and in first person the huge natural and ornithological heritage of Extremadura.
Many technological advances, many scientific advances and diversity of birds that is not comparable to anywhere in Europe, the best European treasures of birds are here, they will be able to observe in situ during the congress excursions.

Extremadura ha sido el destino elegido para la celebración la X Conferencia de la Unión Europea de Ornitolgía.Un encuentro bianual y que se celebra por primera vez en España.
Más de 450 científicos que durante 5 días podrán intercambiar y compartir conocimientos sobre las aves.No faltará conocer in situ y en primera persona el rico patrimonio natural y ornitológico de Extremadura.

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