www.facebook.com/obermutten - A campaign dedicated to the little and lovely mountain villages in the Canton of Graubünden, Switzerland.

Not long ago, it was still peaceful in the small Swiss mountain village of Obermutten. This idyllic settlement of a mere eighty residents was known to virtually no one save a few hikers passing through now and then. Now some sixty million people around the world have either read about or heard of Obermutten. Media reports about the village have appeared in over twenty countries. Obermutten even made it into the main news programme in South Korea.

It all began with a newly created village Facebook page. The local mayor made a remarkable promise in the first video posted on the page: Just click on "like," and your profile picture will be posted on the Commune's official notice board. In no time at all, the board was completely covered with fans. In order to deal with the flood of inquiries from fans, it was necessary to resort to hang up the profile pictures on barn walls in the village. In the meantime, the community has increased to over 17'000 fans.