SELFIE is a free, online and customisable self-reflection tool for schools developed by the European Commission and a panel of European experts to support schools with the use of digital technologies for teaching and learning. It is available in the 24 official EU languages and it is open for any school (primary, lower and upper secondary or vocational education and training school) to use. It uses questionnaires to collect the views of school leaders, teachers and students, on an anonymous and voluntary basis, and compiles the results in an interactive report that can identify strengths and weaknesses. The report can help school community start a conversation on technology use and develop an action plan. SELFIE can then be used at a later stage to gauge progress and adapt the action plan. SELFIE does not measure or compare the knowledge or skills of school leaders, teachers or students and is not designed to assess or benchmark schools. SELFIE is part of the Digital Education Action Plan adopted by the European Commission in January 2018.

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