Gene Garcia (voice)
Víctor Zamora (piano)
Cicero lee (double bass)
Joel Silva (drums)

Composed by Gecko Turner
Produced by Antonio Vega
Video Javier Pulpo


If you complain
About the cost

You don’t rely on a superfly

Don’t explain
Take the most

D’you hear your mama callin’?
Say you really can fly and dance
You play advance for a supertrance

You got to know now
Your somebody

Mind and body and all yeah!

I’ll make it
I’ll shake it
In the sand

In the back o’my hands
Turn on your love
Why not let it shine
Turn on your light
And let it shine

You can rest
On the coast
You don’t know why
But you rockin’ a bye, yeah
You tried the best
That you could

Now here’s your train a callin’...yeah!
Say you don’t wanna fly and dance

Now you live on trance
Sittin’ on your sofa
You better move it out
Why feel down
You’ll somebody baby
Mind and body and all, yeah!